Covid-19 Lockdown

So right at the start of lockdown I thought about the long list of mini piano ideas I had and what I would make during the lockdown with limited tools, paints etc. Although I named my business Lady of the Manor, I don't obviously don't yet live in a manor. My old studio used to be and that is how I came about the name.

Not really in the mood to paint, but I did need a musical instrument to play. So I got a musical instrument kit and made one.

Not that many errors, it looks great. My Dad would be proud he must be saying that took you long enough to decide to make one, and how come you cant play left handed anymore?

So that is what I've been up to during lockdown I made a full size musical instrument painted (notice I haven’t said what it is yet) and finished like the 1967 historic instrument played by a world famous rock star.

To celebrate I contacted another world famous rock star the lovely Justin Hawkins of the Darkness to be the first to see it. He sang and sent a very cool message.

They rest of you can wait !

Mini Piano version coming soon, as that was the first idea.


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