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The secret to magic is not to never give away the secret.

Expose the secret and the fun is lost.

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We enjoy the arrival of Father Christmas, Unicorn are real The Easter Bunny...

Lady Gaga, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Lady Day, Prince (real name yes/ real Prince ! )

I like the fun and ambiguity of creating the Lady who lives in a manor house and makes miniature Pianos, it's not too far from the truth, one of many nick names as a child was Duchess, is a Duchess higher than a Lady ?

So I was featured in a blog. More exposure, more collectors all good. Don't normally like categorising or labelling, but It felt an important thing to do at this time and I am in great company check them out. Many Thanks Tide.

But times are tough and I'm adding a donation button to help with more tools and stuff, looky looks welcome but spare a thought for what goes on beside the curtain. If it brought you a free smile or two please think about buying something  or donating. Thanks 


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